Affordable Housing Solutions


For developers and property owners interested in affordable housing

Affordable Housing Solutions helps housing associations procure properties through various strategies:

  • Purchase completed properties in the open market
  • Purchase properties through  expression of interest
  • Purchase (or otherwise acquire land) and construct dwellings on the land
  • Enter into partnerships with private developers to pre-purchase dwellings in a larger development

Irrespective of the mode of acquisition they fund their developments through a combination of:

  • Securing government capital subsidies from state governments (or recurrent subsidies as in the case of the NRAS initiative)
  • Securing a loan against the project based on the capacity of the net rental income to service the loan
  • Claiming a GST rebate on the cost of the acquisition
  • Attracting social investment from organisations such as churches, charities, councils (land or cash)
  • Negotiating planning contributions or concessions from the relevant planning authority  that add value or decrease cost of the development
  • Negotiating discounts to market price of private sales based on the reduced risk and greater certainty of pre-sales to housing associations

Housing associations must meet two criteria for a project to be approved for capital funding from a state government:

  • The cost of the properties must not exceed market rates
  • The leverage achieved through the acquisition is such that the State Government is less than a predetermined level


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